[solved]AdBlock Plus and Blenderartists

I would like to ask anyone who uses Adblock Plus plugin for firefox if you are experiencing any problems viewing Blenderastists forums. I had to add an exception to the rules of Adblock in order to view the forum contents. With Adblock enabled all I could see was the top part with the logo and the login text input fields. Why does Adblock conceder the entire Blederartists forum as a big ad?

yes it was happening to me too. I just disabled this rule:

just open up blockable items and search for:


then disable the rule :slight_smile:

I had the same problem. I posted about it here:


I think they forgot to close the DIV below:

<div id="ad_global_below_navbar">

I didn’t see your post harveen, that’s why I made a new one. But as I see your thread is unanswered. Do the new forum admins know about this? Is this normal? I am not a coder and when I see Adblock blocking an entire forum as a huge ad I worry. Or can it be that the new admins want to force the visitors to view the ads? I know that this is the only way that they can make some money to keep this place alive but some of us don’t have the luxury to use the web freely (or at lest at a small fee). I my self use mobile connection that change by the KB. Every bit counts for me. And the ads is a big bandwidth eater. Especially the ones that use flash. They can devour my allowed GB usage before I know it.

Currently I’m using adblock in tandem with noscript on FF- the “buysellads.com” script is blocked by NoScript- that may be another addon to consider, just in general if you are concerned about bandwidth.

Hey guys,

We are looking into the ad code right now to see if there is an open div tag. It is not our intention to force you to view the ads to visit the site. Granted we try to keep the ads relevant to the content the best we can so they aren’t annoying or in the linear path to view the content. Basically you won’t have to view an ad before content is loaded.

They are a necessary evil though to keep it running/well for the 18k plus visitors a day here. Which is awesome by the way. :wink: So thank you for all that have visited the sponsors and keeping the ads in place. But it beats up the server plenty and we definitely send a bit over to Rackspace.

Thank you for letting us know and look forward to talking more soon.



Sorry about this everyone. Hopefully anyone experiencing this issue was able to find a workaround to view content. Many thanks to harveen for identifying an issue with a missing closing div.

If you continue to experience issues please let us know.

Thanks for you understanding.

I just tried to visit the site with Adblock enabled and all is back to normal. Thanks for the quick fix.
I already acknowledged that the ads are the only way to get some income to keep things running. You don’t have to feel bad about it. The way Blenderartists approach the advertising thing is very professional and above all not distractive compare to other sites that bombard the visitor with blinking ads that cover most of their pages. It’s just that for some of us internet connection does not come cheap.
Now how can I mark this thread as solved?

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