(solved)After Effect Special Effect - Turbulent Displace

at time : 3:31 - there’s a modifier there in after effects that warps the image.

How would you make the turbulent displace in blender?

I was thinking an animated texture, but I couldn’t seem to find the right node in the compositing node editor.

k, if you figure it out, let me know (or give me some hints :smiley: )

Hints could be this…

Create a plane.
Sub divide the plane so you have a decent amount of verticies.
Then put the plane in edit mode.
Select all the verticies in one column and create a hook for them.
Now you have a way to move a row of verticies using standard animation techniques.
Repeat this for all the rows, only make the even rows go up while the odd rows go down.

Because Turbulent displace is based upon perlin noise, you might be able to take that approach as well.

Also a lattice approach might achieve that effect.

Basically you are distorting a plane.

okay, thanks Atom, but I found this dude figured it out using an svn version (its somewhat like I was thinking about - using nodes)


Another idea is using a wave modifier.

found out how to do it with a displace modifier in the node editor


thanks for the suggestions!