SOLVED! Anyone know where I can buy a copy of "The Art of Moving Points" by Brian Tindall?

I saw this referenced on Blender Cloud in one of the courses but I could find no outlet that sells it. It was published in 2013. Possible out of print. But I had to ask.

Thanks for any help!

Look on Apple Books…

It’s shown on apple books, your link, but notice that you cannot add it to your cart. It is not for sale. But thanks for the reply. I spent a lot of time looking at links yesterday hoping to find a place that had it…including the link you provided me.

It doesn’t seem to be on sale anymore.
I did find some references to more…ehmm… non-commercial websites.

But with a book this old even that might be a stretch. It might seem you’re out of luck on this one.
Maybe one of the online 2nd hand market websites?

Thanks, RobWu, guess I’m just out of luck on this one.

You could try and contact the author:

I finally got a copy! Was 40.00 US. On my iPad, from iTunes. Not what I was hoping for but it has videos and other forms of media embedded in it.

Thanks for the helpful replies.

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Some of the videos / gifs did leak onto Pinterest if you search for 3D related stuff
Its sad that he removed his stuff from his site and made it difficult to even find his stuff.

Hi michaelws,

Could you help me get a copy of the book? I don’t mind paying the 40.00 US.

I’ve searched and searched but couldn’t find it.

Sorry, Asfire…I can’t seem to find it anymore on iTunes. I will keep checking. I don’t know why it is so difficult to find. I remember I had to really dig around but I cannot remember what I did back in May.

Maybe it’s region locked but you can find it by just running the Books app on an iPad in the US.