SOLVED! - Anyone using Google Adsense?

EDIT! Internet Explorer under Windows was able to do it. Sad really … why do they not like Firefox? Weird! Boo Google :frowning:

I’m having a hard time registering for a google adsense account. No matter what browser I use, I can not submit my form. Yes, I’ve made sure that everything is filled out correctly but still no go :frowning:
So far I used Windows 7 w firefox, mac osx with safari and firefox … none works.

If anyone out there knows how to do this, I’d be glad for any advise.

Here is the URL to the ugliest web page in the world:

Are you having any luck?

I would prolly send a support ticket into Google or something and whatnot. Check your cookies.

thank you celestialberry,
I just managed to complete it with windows IE which was my last guess to use … go figure