[SOLVED] Auto-Rig Pro bug (User Error) -- Interpolated Child Hair Trouble

I rigged this character with Auto-Rig Pro 3.54_15. The interpolated child hair spread all over the character. The eyebrows are simple child hairs and were unaffected. I disconnected and reconnected the hair (buttons on particle hair panel) but that didn’t change anything.

Any solutions for this problem?

Blender 2.90 Auto-Rig Pro 3.54_15
ARP removed all the vertex groups I made for the character. Interpolated child hair spreads over the vertex group assigned to it. Without a vertex group it spreads all over the mesh. Simple child hair ignores vertex groups. That is why it was unaffected. Guide hair, parent hair, remained in the correct place without the vertex group.

This is not good. ARP must not destroy vertex groups or other things an artist has done on a character.

No, using simple instead of interpolated is not a solution and this bug must be fixed.

UPDATE September 20
Test results:

Blender 2.90

  • Using a Daz character imported as .obj I made a vertex group on top of the head and the vertex group remained after rigging.
  • I started over and added particle hair w/interpolated children on the vertex group. The group was not present after rigging and the hair was everywhere as before.
  • I started over and used Base Man Mesh, BlendSwap, CC0, by masterxeon1001. Same results.

Blender 2.83

  • Using the Base Man mesh the vertex group vanished with no hair applied. I didn’t try it with hair.

Thank you Artell!

Artell’s email said to lock vertex groups to preserve them. I apologize for not researching this enough before reporting the bug user error.