[Solved] Auto Save Render for 2.8

Edit 2021-04-01
Addon is bundled with Experimental builds of Blender (daily builds).
For official releases of Blender you have to download and install.


This is already in 2.8

If you go check under Experimental Addons, its been there for a while


OMG :slight_smile: sorry for my blindness, under 2.7x it wasn’t testing so I didn’t expect that.
Awesome news for me, thats a huge timesaver.
Thanks a lot for your reply ! :slight_smile:

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Lol glad I helped

Hi! Can you put a screenshot, please?
I have searched it, but I don’t find “auto save render” addon :worried:


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In 2.82a it is under render:auto save render…search auto

I’m in 2.9. And I have search it too, but nothing appear when I write “auto save render”. Maybe is it because my blender version?

Maybe, if someone can share the link of “documentation” I can download the last version.
I only have access to the 2.0 version have been posted in the link above. (that I can install, but doesn’t work)

Thanks :blush:

I just typed auto in 2.82a and it came up. I did not type auto save render. I then went into 2.9 and did the same thing and it showed up and I enabled it.

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I comes with blender 2.9.

Dont know about 2.90 but in 2.91 builds, it is there


Its also possible “official” builds don’t have experimental addons in them, only the ongoing builds.

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Well, I still don’t know why it happens to me. But this addon doesn’t appear to me.
I don’t dare to install 2.91 because is experimental, but I tried to update to 2.90.1 and it’s the same. Even I tried to uninstall and install blender again, just in case.

It’s very estrange because it seems everyone have it except me, but as it is very random I suppose nobody knows why happens :woman_shrugging:t2:

Anyways! Thanks to everyone who answered me trying to help :grin:


I noticed you said “install” blender

I don’t install blender anymore, I use the zip files you can get daily and then unzip them to a blender builds folder lol.

I don’t know if maybe only those zip file daily builds have certain experimental stuff

I have a Blender 2.90 daily build version that has the Auto Save render (The zip file version)


I’ve downloaded 2.91.2 - BOTH: installer and Zip. But in neither was the auto script included. :frowning:

You must activated the Testing Button to see the Addon.

thank you for your answer. i did that, but didn’t see the addon. it seems that for some users it’s just not there for some magical reason.

It is packed in experimental (daily ) builds only, not in official build release. For official you have to download and install.