[solved] Backbuffer image in 2.53b: Where'd that button go?

Hi, a very simple question:

Where can I set the background buffer image for rendering in blender 2.53? (This is the image that can be seen behind the scene on the rendered, finished image) It was under Scene in 2.4x, but I can’t find anywhere.

Sorry for a really noob quiestion

I’m not sure but I guess it is now a scene that you can set as a background in the Scene tab of the Scene properties, just below the active camera. I guess in that scene you’ll have to use a Background Image…

In the Scene tab under the Camera there is a Background, but with an empty scroll down list I cannot add anything.

Then where to add images?



If you do the backbuff and load it into 2.5, it will work, but unfortunately there does not appear to be a way to set the backbuff directly from 2.5.

This post may help more:


I use compositing to replace the backbuff method, though i hope that it gets put back into the 2.5 interface soon.

No, no, no.
The Node-way should work, but I’ve found the direct solution. Or rather, Andy Price has done it.

In the Outliner, I select World, then in Properties get a texture (for World). In Influence, set the Horizon, and that’s it.

This is in 2.4x right? Not 2.5x…

No, this is in 2.53b!!!

Check Andy’s video, from 17:10

Yep, did it now. It is a bit trick, you have to left click to the side of the World in the Outliner so that its line gets hilighted and then add a texture and configure the Influence. Nice one.