[Solved] Baking sticky textures?

I’ve never had to do this before, but found while working on a camera projection project that it would be really helpful. Is it possible to bake a sticky texture? I can’t seem to come up with any results.

Anyone? I’m sure somebody out there knows, but no matter how much I google I can’t find anything…

Is this tutorial by Ben Dansie what you’re looking for? Doesn’t use sticky textures but does allow texture baking from projections.


You might also want to look into using the UV Project modifier instead of sticky textures.


rawpigeon :
Right, that looks like a solid way to do it! Thanks; I’ve never really used that modifier before.

averil: Projection without actually unwrapping is probably ideal in my case, but if the above method fails I’ll read the tutorial in detail. Either way, thanks for excellent link.

maybe try Colin Levy’s tutorial on camera mapping to get started (if you’re gonna use stickys) :

Indeed, that’s where I first realized that I could use this technique. Very nice tutorial. My project is basically complete, but I thought that doing some final touch-up on the textures (visible duplications of the same projection on multiple objects, etc.), baking would be convenient. So the problem is not in using stickys themselves, but in editing the results.