[Solved] Blender 2.8 crashes even though some websites saying my gpu supports opengl 3.3 on Dell laptop

Hello everyone!
I bought an old Dell Laptop within my budget. It has i7 740qm processor and Nvidia Nvs 3100M (500MB) gpu.
Dell Latitude E6510

I can use 2.79 easily. But, always worrying about 2.8.
I tried some tips of copying some .DLLs long back. I don’t know if the stable blender 2.8 supports my gpu.
Please let me know if I can wait or just forget 2.8 until I get a new or different pc.

Can anyone let me know if my Gpu is really uncapable? I can’t find google search with blender 2.8 and nvidia nvs 3100m gpu…
Please help me!


OpenGL 3.3 is listed in the link you provided yourself. It means it should work fine, when Blender 2.8 is released.

Nvidia specifies that the GPU supports OpenGL 4.1 in their website. There is no info about mobile version, but I don’t think it should be different. I think it’s reasonable to assume it will work fine.

Edit: I was looking at the wrong model. It seems there is no info. You will need to check with some tool like GLview.

2.8 crashed on my comp till I put it in the c/program files directory.

Thank you for replying… I will install it and will see if it still shows mine is 3.3

you mean, when you put the folder in programs directory, it worked?

Hope it helps to know the exact model…
Now, please let me know if it’s still not supported…

Well it shows clearly OpenGL 3.3. So Blender 2.8 should work fine when released. Any problems you experience with it while it’s being worked on are to be expected.

2.8 Is supper buggy right now so expect crashes but report them.

Ok… then…! I will wait… Till then, I will improve my modelling skills in Blender 2.79…
Then, It will be more beneficial…

Hopefully, I will buy a new desktop… instead of a laptop…
For same price, I GET A powerful Desktop…
Have a nice time!
Thank you all!