[solved] Blender does not render anymore

I had something weird happen today. I’m following a tutorial on 3d environments, so i have 2 planes with 8 subdivisions a small wall on it. 1 plane has 10000 grass clump particles the other plane is water. yesterday i could render no problem.

Today i followed tutorial, the only thing changed was water plane set tranmsission to 1 and changed particles to 100 000. i got an out of memory error (gpu and shared memory ran out while trying to render, but my gpu never gets used more then 1%, its a rtx2060 and i got 16gb of memory) So i changed back to 10000 particles like before…stil out of memory, changed particle to 1… still out of memory.

I noticed windows had an update pending, so i thought lets do that, restarted, didnt help. clicked everything for rendering off so only the sun and camera gets renderd, still got an out of memory. Even evee isnt doing anything. i installed blender again, loaded the project, nothing changed can’t render anything for the damn project.

Anyone knows what else i can try? I render with cycles set on gpu but also tried cpu and combined.
I’d link project but i dont know how to get it in here.

If you open up a new scene, and just add a lamp, and render the default cube - does that render? That would at-least confirm that it’s the particular scene in question.

What version of Blender are you using too?

Changing particle from 10k to 100k is a tenfold increase. Particles really do like to eat ram. If you have children aswell, then that would certainly cause issues. (Particle children, not…not actual children…) If blender is saying your GPU memory has run out, then it would certainly suggest that there are just too many particles.

Though why it then fails to render after a restart, install, and stripping the scene back, I’m not sure. Have you updated your drivers?

Yes, bit I’d expect if I revert to 10k again (what did render) or even 1 that it would render again. I forgot about a pc I had here (older then the rtx2060, it has an old and r390x in it) that I had upgrade to 32gb ram to play dcs in the past.
Blender on it went to 16 gb useage alone. The laptop with the Rtx Renders other things like you suggested so I guess I did something that eats ram, even with only 1 particle. But can’t think of anything I did to increase it. Guess I’ll use the old pc for now till course is done. I rather use the laptop so I can sit downstairs with my gf will I play with blender. A pitty :smile: . Thanks for the reply, I hope my hardware survives the next courses :laughing: