[solved] Blender magician wanted for 3d logo / poster

Hello all!

I work for Pioneer – a remote accelerator for startups in 43 countries around the world. Our site: https://pioneer.app/.

Next week, Tuesday, we’re announcing a new event. The event is a Hackathon to see who can build a better version of Terminal App. We’ll announce the event on Twitter & our site. We want to draw as many software engineers to the event as possible. In order to do so, we need a cool visual card. Here’s our idea:

Take the current Terminal App logo, which is utterly boring:

and make it interesting. An example of this done well is the Figma logo by these folks:

Then we want to take the 3d icon that you make and place it on a great background. Artist we frequently work with for backgrounds: Fran Rodriguez IG: @lacabezaenlasnubes.

The name of our event is “Build Terminal 2.0”.

Experience level not important – just need someone talented, energetic and speedy.
Deadline: this coming Monday July 27th.
Budget: Flexible. $20 - $30/hr.

pm sent
please check

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Hello jprints

PM sent! Check your inbox, thank you.

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