SOLVED! Boxcutter not working at all in 2.8! Need help

I have installed and checked the addon and "saved preferences… But it does not show up in the main Layout window. I do not get the icon in the T panel as shown in the video. Nor do I get anything in the preferences window (in the addon window) all I get is the button for “Documentation” and the one to the right of that for “Remove.”

I type Alt+W and nothing happens.

What am I not doing? Thanks for any help.

I thought 7.1.2 was the version for 2.8? How up-to-date is your 2.8 version?

I think you replied to the wrong person @Benny_G - My version is as your’s is and working perfectly.

A 711 version of Boxcutter used with a more up-to-date build of 2.8 may be the issue. Use 712 version @michaelws

I am trying to install the extracted folder named: (2.8)BoxCutter_712_3. But I am having no luck. I have tried to install the zip file, and this does show up in the addons window but it comes up with a list of errors when I try to check the box…and when I try to install the unzipped folder nothing shows up in the addon window.

Am I supposed to manually place one of the embedded folders in the 2.8 scripts folder?

Sorry to be such a bother but this is just not working for me right now. My version of Blender 2.8 was downloaded maybe four days ago. I am going to download the latest version now.

I have the Gumroad version…not the Blender market one. I hope there is no appreciable difference between them.

I am sorry that I do not know how to insert a screen grab pic when I am trying to reply here.

Okay I finally figured out how to get it in. I went into the main extracted folder ((2.8)BoxCutter_712_3) and copied the folder simply named “BoxCutter” and pasted it into the scripts>addons folder.

It showed up immediately. I have the icon and the preferences settings. So I sincerely thank everyone for trying to help me with this.

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I usually always just install addons by pointing Blender at the ZIP file.

Can you describe how you do that John? “Pointing Blender at the Zip file”? When I tried to install directly from the zip I got nothing but a list of errors.

masterxeon1001 recommends not using the zipfile method, moving the folder to the addons folder is the correct way.

By that I just meant the standard install from file where you navigate to a ZIP via Blender’s Add-ons screen.

I know some addons aren’t too keen on that method but it seems to be a method which has grown in popularity. Perhaps it is less stable when attempting to update from one release of an addon to another?