Solved Camera Issues

I have been having an issue with my floor plane and object when using a solved camera after tracking some footage. I get a solve error of between 0.05 and 0.4 on my solves which is good and not the issue ive been having. However when I go to orient the camera I will snap it to an origin and adjust the scale. The plane and object are not aligned but could be fixed if I could just rotate around them (much like in PF Track). I would think the pivot point for the camera if I have it locked to view would be the origin (where my plane and object are), but it seems to be just some arbitrary point out in space which makes manually fixing the alignment very difficult. Im wondering if there is any way to fix this so the pivot point is in fact in the centre, or if there are any other suggestions to go about this problem.



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Can you upload your .blend file so we can have a look at it? I have some suggestions but I want to see how your scene looks first

make sure your cursor is at center (origin) and then just set the pivot center to cursor in the 3d window.