(SOLVED) Creating a curve on a face

Is there a way to create a Bezier type curve on a face in Blender so that you can extrude the resulting faces?

See uploaded image as an example.

I had to use Illustrator and a Blender screenshot to compose the image.

Thank you.

you can give the curve an extrusion value in the curve settings, and you can also convert it to a mesh with alt-C then extrude the mesh normally.

Thank you modron.

I know how to extrude the resulting face but it is the creating a curve to start with on a face that I am stuck on.

The knife tool cuts nice straight lines across from one edge to another but i don’t see where I can add a curve to a face.

try using the knife project tool to project the curves contours as a cut onto the mesh

Try this to get nice curved cuts :

  • Add a Plane

  • Go to Edit Mode , select the whole plane and press W -> Subdivide

  • Go to Object mode, with the plane object selected enable Wire and Display all Wire in the Object panel

  • Add a Curve object and move the curve to some distance above the plane

  • Go to Edit mode and edit the curve the way you want from the Top view

  • Go back to Object Mode , make sure you curve object is selected , hold SHIFT and select the plane

  • Go to Edit Mode and set yourself to the Top View and press A to have the whole plane selected

  • On the Toolshelf (panel to the left of the 3D view) click on the “Knife Project” button

As a result :

You can then dissolve the faces you don’t need to keep only the curved cut you want

Knife project perhaps. http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=49465
Select curve, select mesh, edit mode, position your view to the cut direction and press knife project on the tool shelf.

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Thank you Small Troll. I just tried it and it worked. :slight_smile:

I was hoping i could draw a curve directly onto the face but maybe that will be for a future release. :slight_smile:

Thank you Sanctuary for all the time and effort you took to reply. I just tried the Knife projection and it worked a treat. :slight_smile:

JA12 Thank you anyway. Much appreciated.

@JA12: Happens all the time… I’d say provs use to cache things.

As a proof of knife tool:

Eppo… Great example! Thank you.