[ Solved ] 'crossed' helical gear script ?

has any one seen a script to do gears

‘crossed’ helical gear at 90 degrees

tried gear script and cannot get it to work !

thanks for any feedback

Yes off’course dear RickyBlender,


A great add-on!

1 - I have written: ADD-ON.
2 - This is the 0.06 release of Grears 2.0 now.

nice to know it is possible

now I downloaded version 3 from github

and I can run script in text editor but don’t see the new panel in modifier properties panel!

any tips why it is not showing up ?

now there is an animation for the gears
is there a way to remove the anim things and keep only the gears
I mean It is useful but in my case I just need to show gears in a 3D model no need for animating it

happy bl

the new script works only in the addon folder