[Solved] Custom Build Driver Problems (Win 8)

Hey everyone,
Last week I finally put together my first custom built computer. I am beginning to have some problems with the software installation which I am hoping some of you can help me resolve. I have Windows 8 installed as my operating system. When I tried to update the drivers for my graphics card and M/B I was given errors and unable to install them.

The M/B install disk gives me this: access violation at address 00433d27 in module ‘asrsetup.exe’ read of adress 00000008
I have looked this up and seen that others have the same problem, but have been unable to figure it out. I have since tried downloading the drivers directly from the site. And I thought it had worked, but am beginning to experience issues. I am thinking that I did not not fully understand this part and may have done something wrong. I have had sound issues since I got it. I have to go into the control panel and set each device I currently want to play sound to default. If I Plug in my headphones it doesn’t switch to them automatically. Several issues like this have occurred.
I have an ASRock Z77 Extreme 6 Motherboard.

When I tried to install my Graphics Card Disk, I was hit with this message: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, are supported by this driver CD
Does this mean Win 8 is incompatible? My graphics card is an Nvidia Geforce GTX 560ti.

Currently it works, I have my TV playing through it. I downloaded drivers from Nvidia’s site. But when I run a program like Blender now, it responds poorly. If I click on something, it might not display the change till I zoom in, or rotate the Viewport. It worked at first, but yesterday I downloaded the most recent Driver and have hit these problems. I was able to play games like Planetside 2, but haven’t tested to see it is still working properly. I could even play on max graphics. But Blender has been messed up. Onetime it behaved like this on my old computer, but a driver update fixed it. In this case it seems to have made it worse.

I also notice that even though I have it set to 1080p that the screen looks slightly blurry like its a lower resolution. Nothing is crisp. In Blenders viewport everything is jagged. All the software icons are blurry. And in the Nvidia Control Panel I have the image settings turned all the way up to quality, yet the preview still doesn’t appear as crisp as it should.

Now it sounds to me that the driver disks which came with my M/B and G/C are not compatible with Windows 8. So what should I do? I’m not really sure what Drivers I need completely, and the functions are just not working right.

I am booting Windows 8 off of an SSD, but I also have a HDD installed which I plan on using for most files and Programs. Currently I have nothing on the HDD.

If there is any information I need to add to this I will do my best. But I am a little bit beyond my own knowledge of this subject, being my first build and all. I will try and figure out as much on this as I can. I hope I can do this without a clean re installation of Win 8, but I have so little on this yet that I will be okay with doing that.

Thanks for any help!

My full computer specs:
ASRock Z77 Extreme 6
Intel Core i7 3770 3.4
32 GB Ram
Nvidia GeForce GTX 560ti
SSD Boot Drive 128GB
Windows 8 64-bit
900W PSU

Even though no one got back with me on this, I was able to discover a solution on my own.
If anyone comes across this with similar problems, just try redownloading all the Drivers for your Motherboard. I looked up my Motherboard in Google and it came up with the Drivers I needed.
As for the Blender problems I was experiencing, I just downloaded an older Graphics Card driver. Was able to Google that as well.

Well, I hope that maybe this will help someone in the future. And thanks for checking in on this.