[SOLVED] Cycles GPU not working with b2.65.5+

Has something changed with Cycles in the recent build?
I can’t get it to render with GPU in any recent build (2.65.5+ off graphicall). Do I need to update CUDA drivers?
Thanks in advance.

No, try official daily builds from buildbot:


Some graphicall builds don´t have kernels for GTX 600 cards, what do you have.

Cheers, mib.

mib2berlin, thanks on the reply and the link. unfortunately it’s a no go.
i’ve got a GTX 580. updated the drivers (didn’t do a clean install though), still nothing. 2.65.4 and < still render out fine.
there must be something in the new builds that’s changed and is not resonating with my system.
here’s a screenshot, anyone else encountered this?

I was just about to report this on the bugtracker and found some other people had this issue as well. might be related to GTX 580.

Resolved with latest blender-2.65-r53698-win64.zip on BuildBot

And on GTX 470s…