[SOLVED] "Cycles" rendering basics: How to correctly render a white material?

Hello Blender’s Colleagues!

Forgive me the simple question, I’m a complete newcomer to “Cycles” render.

I’m trying to do a very basic setup to use a white material. I’m using an alpha background too. My problem is that the the front faces are darker in comparison to the faces more on the back.
How can I invert that relation while keeping the setup simple?

I mean: Darker polygons on the back and lit polygons in the front?

Thank you very much for your time. Any feedback is welcome! :slight_smile:

QuestionCycles.blend (623 KB) <—SOURCE



Not sure why you are using the velvet or geometry nodes.

I’d do it like this:

Just tweak the colours of the emission nodes and the layer weight value to change the amount of light/shadow.

Hello Moony!

Thank you very much for your setup, that was just what I needed :slight_smile:

I just swapped your second emission shader for a grey velvet :wink:

Thankx a lot!