[SOLVED!!]Cycles - roughness value from texture shows up as colour in material

Hi all,
The issue is like this: I’m making a copper material, planning to break up the flat surface with some variations in the roughness. The roughness texture is pretty dark, almost black, but it has some noise that is lighter in colour.
I connected that using UV coordinates (and the mesh is UVed properly), I set it to non-colour data as well. It is connected to the roughness, not to the colour.
I wish to ask you how to get around this.

Edit: seems like I have found the way around it: I have to multiply the texture by 1 and plug that in the roughness slot for no apparent reason. I may mark this as solved (and tap meself on the shoulder :smiley: ) in case someone else needs this.

You could also try running it through a colour ramp, you are plugging colour into a roughness value, normally you would want non-colour data for that, which using a multiply, colour ramp would give you, turning the colour output into a ‘value’.