[SOLVED] Deactivation doesn't work

So I got the statue that I broke into 1500 pieces. Then the goal is to smash it. I turned on Deactivation and Start Deactived but as soon as I press play the entire thing blows ups. I tried to play with the velocity Linear and Angular but nothing is working. I also try to shrink the objects so that they don’t touch each other but it still doesn’t work. Any idea?

I am not much of an expert, but it seems that each fracture of your statue is an independent object, so did you copy the deactivation to all of the fractures?

Yes I did :slight_smile:

Is there anything else in the same layer they could be interacting to? Even themselves? You know the fractures need to have a small gap between them, no?

Yes, that’s why I mentioned that I tried to shrink them. Still, even if nothing seems to touch, it blows up.

Did you try another object to see if you have the same problem?

I also have seen that in the rigid body settings you need to put a very low value for the “sensitivity”. That could also be the origin of your problem.

Ok, this is very strange. Last week I made a test with that same statue but it had way less pieces on it and to worked perfectly. I tried to copy all settings from that old file, can’t make it work. Still blows up. So I copy pasted my new parts in the old scene, copied the dynamic setting (copy from active) and it works. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. :slight_smile:

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