[Solved] Difference Between Rotation of 2 Objects

I am trying to make a simple and working opponent AI for a racing game. Basically, I am saving a series of x and y points with a speed value for the car in a text file. The car will then know where to turn and how fast to go.

I’m making it so the opponent car(s) will obey the same laws of physics as the player. So I can’t have the opponents just track to the points. They need to actually turn their wheels in the direction of the target.

EDIT: I found an easier way of doing this. I have an empty that follows the opponent car and tracks to the target point. I need to know how to find out the difference in rotation (preferrably in degrees) between the car and the empty so the car will know how much to turn. Here’s a diagram…


Nevermind. Found it HERE

i wanna ask something about armature or bone,that usually messed up with the mesh when i making a movement in pose mode, especially i make a bone in arm then parenting it with the current mesh.then i moved the arm and the spot under armpit got affected.sorry for my bad english