(solved) Diffuse bake is different than material


I’m trying to bake materials from my model (without shadows and light) to edit it later.

The problem is that white squares appear on the texture. When I try to use this texture then my model looks quite different.

My settings and the result can be seen below:

Thanks for the help!

I guess that your UV is not correct. How did you make it? Did you make seams?

I used “Smart UV” because it seemed to me that UV looks ok after it. I can try with making seams

Unfortunately, it still has the same effect :frowning:

Hi, the UV-Layout looks ok, I would guess that some of the face normals point inwards and because they do not receive light the baking result is black. You can check the face orientation in >Overlays >Geometry >Face orientation, blue is pointing outwards and red inwards. You can modify the normals by selecting all faces and then >Mesh >Normals >Recalculate outside, good luck!

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Unfortunately, everything looks good. I wonder if this is not a bug in version 2.8.

I made a similar and it looks ok.

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:thinking: . Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I see that your baked object has a texture. Mine has only mixed materials. Maybe there is a problem in this.
Is it possible to make a bake from mixed materials? Of course, I remind that I just want to get bake with gray material. I do not need lighting.

On the same layer I made the cube, I made a quick UV unwrap, I added the same material to it and everything works as it should. I think it may be a problem with my model. I have no idea, everything looks ok. I will play with this little bit and maybe I will have the same effect. If I find a solution, I will send it.
Thank you guys for help. If you find a solution, I will be happy to find out :smile:

I managed to find a solution. I recreated the same problem on a simple cube with a few cuts. I added a few different materials to it. The problem was that if in nodes I added image texture but not in all materials, the effect was like in the pictures. It was enough to add node “image texture” to each material and assign all to the same photo.

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