SOLVED - duplicated verts -Smooth is ripping a hole in my mesh? pics included

I have tried to smooth this couch’s rear end for several hours today.
Sofa is built in Solidworks 08 and exported as .3DS model as all tri’s. Not a single quad in my 3ds models.

Images show model as the straight import
With set smooth under materials
With edit subdivide 15 cuts
With add modifier - smooth 1x1
With add modifier - smooth 0.1 x 10 + set smooth under materials

The only way I could get this close to smooth is the add modifier - smooth 0.1 x 10 + set smooth under materials, however it rips a huge hole in the front right of my couch - hole does not show up in edit mode or looking at any geometry in edit mode. See image of hole.

Leave your mouse over images for a second to see what the description is.

Any ideas to help me here?


tried subsurf mod instead? :S

Or maybe as a imported object might not be a mesh yet. could try convert to mesh

or maybe delete some of the faces (faces only) and reface them in that area

not sure just throwin ideas at ya

got a screen shot of it in edit mode??

You may have doubled verts.

Id opt for the double verts cause - select all and rem doubles

Thanks! here is a shot in edit mode I will try all of your suggestions.


I had 16 doubled verts and this is what is looks like now!!