['Solved']Dynamic text as halo face orientation??

2)[‘Sovled’] Edit: I just add a text object per character and it works great! thanks!

Now that I have gotten 1) taken care of and the dynamic text works with bitmap font, I tried to halo orientation the text but the characters stack on top of one another seemingly ‘deep’ into space rather than left and right. is there a way around this other than adding one dynamic text object per char in a string?

I am trying to use the bitmap text so I can get some text that has a halo alignment. i used Bitmap Font Generator by www.angelcode.com.
however string property on the object plane is not ‘finding the correct characters’ as it were. it is just repeating for each character in the string whatever is within the bounds of the uv coordinates. i saw on a tutorial for this that a bunch of ppl in the comments were having the same problem, but no avail was met