[SOLVED] File menu pushed off screen (ver 2.76)

Hi, I’m working on an old computer, CRT screen, and my menus keep getting pushed to the left. Until recently there was still a little corner of the File menu I could click on, but now it is gone, and I know how to save from the keyboard, but I don’t remember keyboard shortcuts such as for exporting to stl; and I want my menu back, anyways. Is there a way to remove some of the clutter in the menu bar? To the right of the menus there’s a little window saying Default, which I’ve never used. Then there’s another one saying Scene --I don’t know what it does. Following is a Blender icon for splash screen recall, followed by a long list of statistics about my mesh, which I never read. I suspect it is this list that is growing in size and pushing my menus to the left. Is there a way to remove it, or put it somewhere else? T.I.A.

sometimes you can use the scroll wheel to slide UI things around if you window is too small. middle click drag works i think too.

Ahhh, many thanks!