[SOLVED]Game bot problem

I have tried making a bot that tracking to the player when it nearby and back to its spawn point if not.
But this happen

How can I fix it?

how the f… do we know?
try using a screwdriver!

  1. you mean it goes back to soon
    -programming error
  2. you mean dancing when he got back?
    -put it into an idle state so it stops walking/tracking to its original position

yes,I mean the dance

You give no information at all, we can guess but we won’t

so either follow my step 2, or give information on how you build it

when it back to its spawn point,it will dance.So how to fix it?


we all can see it dances, best option you have is following step 2
until you give more information we can’t say anything else

How can I stop the bot tracking an object

stop telling the problem, tell us how you have set it up.
still following step 2 would fix it.

blend file is in order. a screenshot of the logic would be sorta helpful.

if you dont want to share the models (id be baffled if so), then just replace the meshes.

So you know the concept of states, good.

state 1:
look for player, if it is in range state 2

state 2:
follow player. shoot, etc
when no collision (what you have now) go to state 3

state 3:
walk back to spawn location
make the spawn location an object to collide into, when collision with spawn point go back to state 1

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Can you share to me the logics

an essential skill to game dev is critical thinking and problem solving.

generic questions get generic answers, we arent going to make your game for you :wink:

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which states i should use:the bot,spawn point,player detector or the bones @Cotaks

an example:

w to walk forwards, s to walk back
space to let follower return to startpoint

walk to him within 5 meters, then it follow you, hit spacebar and it will return to starting point, walk to far/fast away and it will also return
follow and back (1).blend (470.3 KB)

changed the .blend

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To all -

You could have asked me in private :wink:

Stop being a jerk.
People ask on these forums because they have problems.
We were all beginners sometime.
If you don’t want to help them then don’t put-them-down.

I agree tho that @Gnrl_Azr could have put more information out for debugging.

He doesn’t want to give out his models for a reason.
I’ll give you a hint* (there in a WIP)

no jerking around, if there is no question and information on how it’s setup then don’t come ask here, simple as that, you think we can see how he has done it? nope…

I solved his problem, so who says i’m not willing to help, as stated above no information is no help.

Still i did a better job then you, barking against other users! you’re better of saying nothing at all.

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I’m barking.

And your swearing at members.

How mature.

Good-day rude person.

P.S You went against the guidelines by swearing at members.

if that is so, then report me.