[solved] get pixel from packed images

Alright, so right now I have something like:

from Blender import Image
map = Image.Load('graymap.bmp')
width,height = [32,32]
GameLogic.world = mat(width,height)
for x in range(width):
	for y in range(height):
		pix = map.getPixelI(x,y)
		if   pix == [0,255,0,255]:
			do stuff

which works great when the graymap.bmp file is in the same folder as the folder blender is run from. Now, in order to make my life easier (I like single files, not groups of files), I want to pack the image file to the blend file. So, how do I reference the loaded image for getPixel functions?

edit: eh, I figured it out

from Blender import Image
map = Image.Get()[0] #loads the first packed image