[Solved] Glitter looks better in Material view than in Render

There are a few topics based on how material view is different from render view, but they were different situations, so I figured I’d post this. I’m attempting to create glitter particles, the point of which that they refract the light around them. In the materials view it glistens just the way I want it too, especially when I move the camera around. I have Scene Lights and Scene World both on.

Post image
Material view

However it loses that glimmer in the Render preview and consequently the actual render:

Post image
Render view

I tried using glare in composition to add that glimmer in compositing but it does not look the same. I’ve messed with HDRI settings and while adding an HDRI to the final render does improve its appearance it still lacks the glints of light that the material view has. I really want to capture this effect in the final render.

Below are the material nodes of the glitter:

Post image
Material nodes of the plane

Using Blender 2.8, Cycles

Switch to Eevee, then disable “bloom”, and then switch back to cycles. The glare effect will be gone, but at least the rendered image will look closer to the material preview.

If you want to keep the effect in cycles, the easiest is probably to add it back in the compositor. Use a Filter->Glare->Fog Glow.

Oh its a result of Eevee? Well thats a right bummer, I was keen on using Cycles. Thanks!

I’d tried that, it didn’t quite result in the same effect.

I find the Glare filter also often not particular easy to set up correctly. And it seems to have a stupid limitation on the number of pixels how far it can spread the glow. May I see a render of the best result you managed with it, so far?

This is what it looks like, I’ve tweaked it a bit since the last few images and added and HDRI. As you can see the glare effect is… not exactly perfect.

Here is a render without glare

What bugs you most? That the smaller/farther away particles do not glare? Might be possible to fix with putting the particles on a separate render layer, so you can set the threshold to lower values.

Yeah I wanted a more “natural” glint than what Glare can offer. The way that all of the bright lights glare creates are of similar size and value looks very unnatural.

I decided I’ll render this in Eevee, as thats what was giving me the glint I wanted and there isn’t too much of a difference in my render using it. Thank you for the help!

Eevee does seem to do glints a lot better than Cycles. Perhaps one day something like this might be implemented: