[Solved] Help! Boids Behaving Differently in Preview and in Render

Hello, I am working on a simple project. I have boids follow a stationary object, and they are supposed to swarm it and continue swarming it throughout the duration of the animation. In the viewport preview, it works exactly as intended. However, I noticed while rendering the image sequence, the boid swarm will go on screen briefly before going back off screen. I tried this yesterday with an entirely different blender file, but its the same result both times.
I don’t know whats causing this difference between the preview and the render, and its costing me a lot of time trying to figure out (the animation is long, just getting to the part where the boids go back off screen is several hours worth of rendering). I would very much like to understand what is happening. Thank you.

Some specs:
Blender 2.8
Cycles render (can’t use another one, I’m relying on Cycles’ ability to render alpha transparency)
The boids are instances of the object they are swarming; a plane with an animated texture.
Lifetime runs for entire timeline.
Other than Follow Leader (between seperate and flock) and a personal space value of 4.8 the rest of the boids’s values are default ones.

Edit: After considerable agonizing, a simple baking of the physics solved it!