[Solved] HELP - I did something to my model.

I’m new to blender. I just got my hands on this program for about a month. Right now, I’m working on a character model. I’m using Blender 2.5 alpha 2.

I have 2 parts that I need help with.

  1. Looking at the green circle part, I drag the edge to the right and got another layer under it. I didn’t have this layer earlier. How can I take out that layer. What does Alt-B do? I hit that earlier. I hope you guys understand what I’m talking about.

  2. Looking at the pink circle part, how can I delete that line without deleting the face?

Thanks in advance,



On the 1st issue, you could try selecting all the vertices in edit mode of that model, press the A key and it will select all the verts of the selected model. Then press W and select remove doubles. What this should do is remove any verts that are very close together or in the same place.

The Alt-B key, what it does is allow you to select a rectangular region in the 3d view port, that will then be the only area of the 3D view that will be displayed. I helps sometimes in both improving performance of the 3D view and can also make certain parts of a model visible that otherwise would not be, press Alt-B again will turn off the feature.

For the 2nd issue, one way would be to select the edge you wish to delete, then press x, and select delete edge. This should just delete the selected edge. If on doing that you find that it leaves a hole in your model, you can then select the 3 or 4 verts that form the hole and press f, to fill the hole.

THANK YOU TERRY!!! Both issues solved :smiley: