[Solved] How can I re-link a renamed library?

Hello, i recently got into this problem.
I had to rename a blend-file which was a library for a few other blends.
But now, as i open the project files, obviously my linked (not append) objects are gone. Only the empty is there in place.
So, is there a way to re-link (re-map, re-assign) a missing file to a new one?

In the Outliner, switch to “Datablocks” and find your linked object’s entry. There should be a “Library” section for it which has a “File Path” property - just edit that and then save your file. Next time you open it, it will be using the new .blend.

For groups it’s the same, except you won’t find that in the Empty’s entry in the “Objects” section, but instead you have to use the section called “Libraries” and find your file path there.

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Ok, 1000 thanks Pesho.

Three things I need to say:
1- you have to change the LIB path name to the new name while the file is still reachable, i.e. it still has the old name. Otherwise Blender won’t let you edit the path attribute, since it has no users (and using fake user doesn’t work)
2- having a DPS background, and being using indesign for a quite a while, i wish there was a better assets management to make these (trivial) kind of changes
3- why on earth this procedure isn’t on the wiki?!?