Solved - How do I center the orgin within a selected object?

I have, for example, a simple plank that made form a cube. For some reason the origin point is not located in the center of the object but resides in the lower half. I hit Shift-S and choose “Origin to Geometry” but it remains uncentered.

How do I center the origins in objects where this offset occurs?


There are lot’s of addons or ways to make this more streamlined, but out of the box I guess you could

Go into edit mode, select all, shift-s, 3d cursor to selected, go back into object mode, shift-s, origin to 3d cursor.

If you do that more often I guess it’s best to look for some addons like pivot pro or pivot transform or ways to set up a hotkey for it.

Thanks for the reply dan2. That process did not seem to work. In edit mode after a select-all the "3D cursor to selected simply put the cursor right on top of the origin…not in the center of all the selected elements. Did not matter if it was in vertex mode or edge or face mode. Same.

So I will try to look up those addons you mentioned.

The only way was to select 4 vertices that approximated the outer corners of the object and then the 3d cursor went to the center of that selection but, again, it is not a precise center of the whole ojbject…and is on the outer face of the object also.

But many thanks again for piping in and trying to help. Always appreciated.

Are there any documents to using pivot pro? I can’t seem to find it in object or edit mode.

Are there any modifiers involved? or are there perhaps stray vertices or edges disconnected and off the bottom of the screen?

I’d be tempted just to go into edit mode, select one of the two large planes and Shift+S>3D cursor to Selected on that and then in Object mode set the origin to 3D cursor. At least then it will be centered vertically if not in the very middle of the thickness of the object.

Thanks, John, that is what I did when I replied above. About selecting the four corner vertices. It would of course have been easier to hit “3” and just select that face and do the same thing.

There are no modifiers involved nor are there any stray verts. It is just weird. I know it must be something obvious that I have done or not done and I will probably be embarrassed when I discover what it is.

Thanks for your reply.

yes, there’s a short description here -

Look at your object origin point in the box on the bottom where median, individual, origin to cursor, origins are and see which one is selected and put it on median piont then center your origin. :+1:

Midnightcpu, I don’t see this box at the bottom where those options are that you mentioned, “median, individual, origin to cursor, origins.”

Can you give me a bit more guidance? Am I in object or edit mode? Is this box in the N panel?

Edited: I found the box you were talking about, in object mode. I set the “Center” to “Bounds Center” and the origin point snapped to the center.

Solved! Thank you very much. And thanks to everyone who pitched in on this to help me figure this out. I learned a lot!

On your image it’s on the top second to the right beside the global the one with the infinity see if it’s on median point.

If that’s not the problem go in general mode then to object in the same tab and go to origin.

What mode are you in sculpting, rendering?

Okay, I see that and it was set to “Individual Origins.” So I set that to “Median Point” as you indicated.

The other way I solve it was to hit Shift+S and clicked “Origin to Geometry” and a little window popped up on the bottom left of the screen where I set it to “Bounds Center.” That worked also.

Thanks again.

I was in layout mode. Basic modeling.

Ok your welcome. :+1:

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