[SOLVED] How do I get my uv image to appear in the game?

Hi, I marked seams, unwrapped and added an image in the UV/Image editor. It all appears properly with the Viewport Shading > Textured turned on. However, as soon as I hit the “P” key all the faces I mapped disappear?

Try Recalculating the normals, Ctrl + N to Recalculate Normals in the Edit Mode.
Also apply the modifiers.
if that didn’t work can you upload the .blend file?

I think you need to apply a material with the texture too. Set the textures coordinates to UV.

switch to textured mode and apply normals maybe if you didn’t already?

What Monster has suggested seems to have worked in one way.

But now I have another problem? In game mode my character has lost it’s 3D look and his body is a yellow colour?

Also in Editing and Object Mode even with Textured in Viewport Shading - the texture no longer shows?

BTW applying normals did not do much.

Your first picture in post#5 matches the texture in post #1.
But you lost shading.

… trial and error…

To get it back check Face Texture under the Material Tab/Options panel.

Yes I tried that option but as soon as I check it off and the shading returns - the uv image disappears? I even tried other options (deselecting them of course after trial) with no luck so far.

The first Picture in #5 does not really match the Texture from #1. There should be a yellow Circle on the Belly (which seems to be there but fading to white – sounds like Lighting & Shading are still there (sure you haven’t set an Emit-Value anywhere?)) and on the Ear as well. The applied Textures are where they shall be, but I guess the other yellow Parts come from the Fact that the Rest of the Mesh has no manually set UV, so the Rest of the Polygons is simply strechted over the whole Image, like when you unwrap the whole Mesh with the Option »Reset«. So, to keep the rest of the Mesh plain white, unwrap the Rest of the yet not uv-mapped Polygons in some random Way, like the Reset Option, and then scale the given UV for those Polygons down and put them somewhere in the white Area of the Image.
After that, there might be a problem with your Material, most likely, because the Material is what defines Lighting and Shading.

Of Course, you must be aware that handling UVs is different depending on whether you use Singletexture/Multitexture or GLSL Mode. Blender is still likely to be started with Multitexture, so you may be in that Mode, even though I personally would prefer GLSL.

Thanks so much guys!

Monster and C.A’s advice seemed to be most helpful for this problem.

I didn’t know where to find this GLSL shading option until I pressed the "N"key in the perspective Viewport but that did the trick.

The only thing left is his yellow body but I can see a couple of options to deal with that.