[solved] how to animate in GE (with blend file)

can’t seem to make it work on my project (animate objects in GE)… on the armature i already did this on the logic panel…

sensor (keyboard) ------> controllers (and) -----> actuator (action)

here is my blend file, what seems to be wrong with my setup?
thanks in advance!

i think you uploaded the wrong file(thesis submission form).

please check the link again… thanks!

i cant find any reason that it doesnt work, i guess u best choice would be to redo the animation.

i must be doing it wrong somewhere… any recommendations are most welcome. thanks!

idk i took another look at it. i edited the animation, edited the python, nothing seems to be working. :frowning:

That’s an interesting idea, and a nice model. I’m assuming you want it to be a crane arm or something?
For an object like that, that moves around an axis, it’s probably best to split each individual piece, and have them on a dRot actuator, so you can set it to turn one way with the left button, and the other with the right button. Etc etc.
Hope that helps.
If you can seperate your mesh into the seperate chunks, I might show in more detail.

@Blaze_wacom: i don’t think i have to separate the arm pieces… the mesh is set to follow the movements of the armature (i think, it’s in layer 2). moving the armature, in pose mode, will move the arm. i have setup ACTIONS for the armature, but i can’t seem to invoke them in the game engine. am not sure where i did it wrong.

Well that was weird, I don’t know what you did to that blend file, but things were not working as they were supposed to.

To get the cube’s animation working (it wasn’t working in my blend) I had to delete the cube and then reapply the IPO, then remake the logicbricks. That was really weird.

Also, you have the armature on a different layer than the linked object. In the file you sent, both layers were not selected at once. In order for the object on another layer to be active, you must have both layers be active (showing). Try making both layer 1 and layer 2 active, it should fix things.

thanks for the idea theSambassador! actually, activating both layer1 and layer2 didn’t work, i needed to put both the mesh and armatures in 1 layer for it to work…thanks for the idea still! i could have not discovered that sooner…

thanks a bunch!

but what’s keeping me stuck now is i can’t stop my game engine due to sound problems with pulseaudio and blender running in alsa… anyway, i think i need to go to another thread for that … :smiley:

my next problem:smiley:

thanks again for the help guys!