[Solved] How to compile OSL shaders from Python ?

I have a script that generates OSL shaders, so I’m trying to compile them from Python, but it seems impossible right now.

I only found the operator by hovering the “update” button, in the OSL script node. But I can’t get the right context :spin:
Didn’t find anything in the online doc or this forum either.

Is it even possible ?
Or planned maybe ?

You might check peter casseta’s online material library script because I think it compiles osl nodes (it’s in the addons_contrib directory of the scripts that come bundled w. Blender )

If I look at his code, simply setting the filepath of a scriptnode will apparently trigger a compile:

    new_node = context.active_object.active_material.node_tree.nodes.new('SCRIPT')
    new_node.mode = 'EXTERNAL'
    new_node.filepath = script_path

Is this any help?

Ah yes, it’s that simple … :rolleyes:

D.materials[‘Material’].node_tree.nodes[‘Script’].script = D.texts[‘Text’]
does recompile the OSL shader !

Thanks !