[SOLVED] How to (kind of) turn blender into a terrain maker

So I have like 10 terrain generators, all of them are dumb, but a day ago I realized i had another: Blender. So make a Grid with a radius of 30 and subdivisions both ways of 30. Then apply the modifier Triangulate. Now your terrain is ready to be edited. Make sure you are on the default brush: (brush). In the tools in Sculpt mode, open Stroke. It should say Space on it. Change it to Anchored, then click anywhere on the terrain and drag the mouse out. If you did it right, you should see a bulge on the terrain. (if not, try making the strength more). You should now be able to tweak settings. One bad thing is that you have to change the mode to Subtract to make the terrain go down. That is kind of annoying…

What I found interesting about your post was the suggestion to use Stroke > Anchored.
I gave it a try and it’s a nice way to get nice quick results while still keeping a lot of control.

This should be good for making hills and such.
I believe fractal subdivision will always give more realistic results for rocky terrain.

Triangles deform better when sculpting.
But once you introduce triangles a Subsurf Modifier won’t look quite right - that is, if you need to smooth your slopes at any point.
If you run into that then you may have to retopo. This is not always bad. Here is a test scene started with the technique you described, then decimated, fractally subdivided, and then retopo’d to get quads back. The retopo led to cliff-like vertical slopes (near the center of the image, riverbank).

This next one was done with vert pushing at each increment of fractal subdivision. The geometry remained quads throughout. A SubSurf Modifier and Displacement Modifier (clouds texture 0.2 strength) were added as the final step. Using modifiers like this keeps the viewport vert count from getting out of control.

I’m still not crazy about how dimpled the terrain is, but with image textures and bumps on the material it just might look alright.
The important thing is that it doesn’t look overly smooth, because that’s something that annoys me is mountains that are too smooth when they should look rocky.
Anyway, figured I’d share the results of my experimentation.