[solved] How to make sockets for export to UE4?

This seems like something simple so not sure why google is failing …

How do you add sockets to a mesh for import into UE4? Like what object do you place in the blender mesh for each socket point where items will be attached in game. :question:


Seems like empty objects named SOCKET_name-of-empty could do the trick according to this thread. Also maybe parent the empty to your mesh.


Yep solved thanks!

  • add socket as Empty >> [something] (i use single arrow to easily see socket orientation)
  • example below of Unreal export settings with a single socket at the center of the mesh

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it only works on static mesh not skeletal mesh, and be aware about scale and orientation.

If I do this I get scale 100x and 90c rotation offset. Is there any way to solve that?