[SOLVED]: How to render filght simulator cockpit panels?

suppose I want to make a flight simulator (which currently I don’t but just for the sake of the question).

So I want the cockpit to have monitor screens that show other renderings, like the radar, the map or a target with a crosshair on it, etc.

A straightforward solution would be to “render another camera onto a plane”, or “render another scene onto a plane”. Is something like this possible ?

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yes, dynamic textures are what you are looking for. for lights, you might want to just toggle the visibility of an object with halo (radial gradient) texture.


There is another thread regarding camera simulation including ready-to-use minimal examples with multiple cameras:

In the latest post I left there, I asked for possible post-pro effects on these different views, but no one has replied yet. I guess we are aiming in the same direction…

If you think of e.g. a terrain radar as an instrument, you would need to render the same scene, but with a different material. I am not sure if this is possible, maybe the veterans around know.

Thanks guys, very useful.!

easy, in nodes just have a camera node and distance,

2 cameras at 2 different distances can see 2 different materials.

that is what this used.