[Solved]I Need help in FOLLOW PATH animation glitch

Hi, i need HELP.

I’m made an animation with a character flying using follow path, but during the render this happen.

If you look, in some parts the character glitch or delay the mesh, in the viewport this only happen if i skip from a frame to other manually.
I know the ‘source’ of problem, but don’t have idea of how to fix this.

Please help.

maybe share your scene ? I doesn’t seems to be related to the follow path.

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Ok, he we go

well… that’s weird. I tried something stupid and it worked. I dunno how but blender has trouble with the particle emmitter being the child of the armature. it causes the armatures to evaluate weirdly sometimes.
I tried to ùake the particle emmitter the child of the empty instead. and it fixes it…
I dunno what happens. that would deserve a bug report because there’s no dependecy cycle or anything created by the the emitter being the child of an armature object.


But I can somehow guess…

It seems like when the emitter object is the child of the armature. The particles need to be computed first and the armature’s bones computed afterwards. and somehow since generating the particles is long blender bypasses the bones transformations… I really don’t know. it looks like this when I scrub. It only got smooth when the particles were fully computed and in the ram for every frames.

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That’s really Very weird, i’m away from the computer now but thank you for the help with the solution, i will try tomorrow.

I would be concerned about all of this non-uniform scale-- on your armature, on quadril bone, inherited onto weird double IK bones (IK breaks with inherited non-uniform scale, that whole situation is asking for trouble somewhere, even if it’s not responsible for these problems). Blender isn’t really designed to work with non-uniform scale and you’re going to run into tons of bugs with it. Or if designed, it’s not particularly tested. Try to avoid scaling things in different amounts in different axes. If you have to do that, give serious consideration to applying scale.

thanks, in the certain parts of animation i distorted the scale of character for give the illusion of “squash and stretch”, after the 141 frame he turns to normal uniform scale.

and about the double ik, i use to animate the legs,the “quadril” is the “hip” of the character, the first ik i uses to control the direction of the knee, and the second i use to control the foot.

i will consider reviewing it, thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

oh ,hi again.

I reviewed here and the character is really distorted and this happened after i inherited the armature to the empty, thanks i will fix this.

this works, thanks! :smiley: :+1: