(solved) I need to change the origin, in edit mode, without any of the vertices moving

I have copied vertices off a mesh that is parented to a rig, Those vertices I then create as a separate object, because I need precision. Unfortunately, they retain the origin of the original mesh. So in this case, I copied the vertices of a scalp. The scalp is way high from the origin of the original mesh near the feet.

I need to move the origin, without moving any of the vertices one bit. I have the 3d cursor set to exactly where I need the origin, but I can’t set the origin without moving the vertices. The vertices can not be off, even by a tiny bit, so I can not set origin in object mode and then move the vertices back to approximately where they were in edit mode. I need 100% precision.

on the top right panel called Options, the Affect Only Origins allows you to move the origin (use Shift S to place it where you want):


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Thank you 100%.