(Solved ) image text on face

i want to put a texture image on one face

this face has been assign to a new material on which i applied a texture image

but when i render i don’t see it on the face with camera

how can i make it appear on this face ?

now i’m not using UV here but the size is not multiple of 2
like required by UV map size
and it’s big - my full screen whihc is 1875 * 700 pixels
but i dont’ think this matter for the texture!

in the pic you see the blue face -well this is one face on one specific material


ok did a test with plane extruded and set 3 materials + 2 pic on differents faces

and it work fine

so i check my other file and seems that may be i was the view distance taht was no big enough i think but in anycase now i got the color pic on the face