(Solved) Is there a way to resize "unmoving plaid" effect?


Hello everyone!

I’m working on a character with a jacket inspired by the character/style from the show “Chowder”, i was wondering if there is a way to more properly control the size of the pattern when the camera moves, currently as the camera moves because the cherries texture remains the same size as it zooms and moves, it can lead to this really weird effect where the cherries become ginormous?

Best seen herecom-video-to-gif%20(16)

Is there anyway for me to keep them at relatively the same size as the gif before the last one?

Here is the current node setup for the jacket cherry texture:

Hi, @Yurifica, and welcome to BA

This effect is possible with a bit of math.
I think what I’ve done in the screenshot below is what you are after.

It basically projects the surface of the object onto a 2D plane that is perpendicular to the camera.

Hope this helps, and good luck on your project. :grin:

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Thank you very much for the reply!

I’ll need to try this out first thing tomorrow!
Also thank you for nice welcome and wishing me good luck! :grinning:

I’ll be sure to respond if this works the way i’m hoping!

I finally got to test out your method and i believe it is in fact what i am looking for!

Though when i used it it sort of just plugged in random strings of color (giving a candy cane appearance) the lines it created did not change size and are the effect i need!ezgif-2-35481a7871d6
This lack of change in size and keeping the position is EXACTLY what i was looking for!

Though i am lost on how to connect it to my image (it’s probably something obvious in retrospect :laughing: )
What do i need to do in order to be able to connect my image?
Right now the ways i’ve tried end… oddly?

I can’t seem to figure out how to connect my image in a way that isn’t stripes!
And if it helps to figure out what i did wrong, when i have connected it, my image remains within the stripes but continues to act as it did before, resizing with the camera movements but inside the stripes.


Thanks again in advance if you are able to help, you have been extremely helpful thus far! :smiley:

Hi, sorry about that, the Voronoi texture is just an example, you can replace it with your own.

After you replace the last two nodes, you can delete them. :grin:

Sorry for the very late response!

I did as instructed and i believe it’s working? kind of, it’s still stripes for some reason though, but it seems like the stripes are my texture but in stripe form?

Is there any reason you can think of that this would be happening? or should i just go back and double check that i set everything up right?


In the screenshot I shared the divide and multiply nodes with yellow connectors are mix RGB nodes, you seem to have used Math nodes, this will change the result.
Also the values on the Mapping node seem to be incorrect, it should be:
X: 1.0
Y: 1.0
Z: 0.0
Everything else seems to be the same. :smile:

Thank you so much! This was all EXACTLY what I needed!

It’s finally working properly! :smiley:
I’ll probably mess around with the pattern a bit more but otherwise this was the perfect solution!


Thanks again!

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