SOLVED-"It works" Unit System Does Not Work - Blender 2.5

Set units to metric or imperial. Create a default plane. Now try to extrude it by typing in a numeral and unit. For example: 10cm or 10in or 10m or 10 yds. It does not work.

try with a plane select face and E Z 5 it will extrude up z to 5
check out the N panel it’s updated as it should be !

or extrude the plane a little while in metric unit

looks at the n panel
and set Z value for in dimension panel at 5m it will make Z height = to 5 m

works fine for me !

seems ok for me !

happy 2.5

Thank you RickyBlender. I think I just figured it out.

When in metric unit system mode the number before the decimal point is meters. Example: If I want to extrude 5m I type 5.000 in the Median under Transform Panel. If I want 5cm, I type 0.050. For millimeters it’s 0.005.