[SOLVED] Keyframe issue

Programmer by trade, I am new to Blender and 3D modeling in general as of last week. If I am doing this project the “wrong/stupid way” and I probably am any advice would be appreciated.

Make a building that is 8 units high by 8 wide by 40 long with windows on both short ends that split down the middle and slide vertically to open.

I started with a cube size to the above dimensions and cut the faces on the short ends for the windows separating the geometry so that I had 5 different cube objects, the building, and 2 windows on each side.

At frame 0 the windows on both ends are closed. At frame 10 on one end the windows are slide open. This works without any issues. I can play the animation and the windows slide open and closed.

However, when I try to do the same thing on the other end at frame 20 any translations I do to the windows ends up getting applied to the building. While I moved the windows objects into open and closed positions when I play the animation the building itself slides back and forth.

The attached file has keyframes at 0, 10, 20, and 30. The functional window opening frame is there but the opposite end’s non-functional frame was left out. I’ve also included BadConexCntnr.blend in the zip to show you what is happening. As described above for frame 20 I translated both panels for the window along the x-axis but the translation ended up being applied to the container. I also turned of “texture solid” since it was better than magenta and the texture is too large to include.

PS - When I got in this morning to tackle this some more the faces on the ends of the container were gone, probably a PICNIC since I am programmer and not an artist but I fixed it.

Edit Using Blender 2.62.0 r44136


Conex.zip (232 KB)

Looks like wasserbrunner solved the problem for me.

In the outliner (one of the panels on the right) I saw on the windows some feature about linking the animations was enabled. I right clicked it, hit unlink, and it seems to be fixed.