Solved, LOL Using the AND Controller

Well in this example file I downloaded, the AND is used to reset a boolean true back to false. But I don’t understand how it can happen.

The AND needs all inputs to be true to send to the actuator, but they are not all true. So can someone please explain what I am missing?

Thank you very very much. I know AND, or, nor are easy so I am embarrassed.


he has the down arrow inverted… so it i s basicaly saying “when down key is NOT pressed”

look at the little inv button, to invert things


he has a negitave for every key he is useing…

Just leave the key space blank, and press the “all keys” :slight_smile:

or leave it blank, tick allkeys , and press the inv, to say when no keys are pressed

Kisses to you! I used to think I was detail oriented, but not since using blender!

OH, thank you so much and you answered so FAST!