[SOLVED] Looking for custom 3d graphics for new website

[ Just want to thank all of you that contacted me on this… It was an overwhelming response!! We are all very impressed this site and ALL of the replies!!]

I am the V.P. operations for a manufacturing company based in Alabama. We are in the process of completely overhauling our website. We are looking for 3d images of our equipment to use on our website and possibly brochures. I actually downloaded blender (which led me to this forum) and played with it most of the day… I don’t have the time to do this and figured it’d be best to just pay for the images. I am very proficient on autocad and inventor (3d) but again, I don’t have the extra time to put toward this. also, if I do the model in inventor it “could” be possible to reverse engineer our equipment (because all parts would be to scale).
Our equipment and names/terms are trademarked, registered and patented… that being said, we will retain sole ownership to any and all images pertaining to this job. They may not be used in any way (even portfolio) without our express written consent…

now all that’s out of the way… If any of you would like to offer your services, please e-mail [email protected]. subject should be “3d artwork”. please include any links to previous work and contact info.

hello! my name is John Mervin. I am a 3d artist with 6 years of experience. the picture I attached is one that I created
you can contact me at this email [email protected]