[SOLVED] Looking for someone to turn my 2d mech into a 3d model

This is my first time posting for something like this. I wish to become active again in my social circles which involves using a mech i designed in 2d several months back. I am looking for character modelers whose familiar with mechas. I am willing to pay 350 dollars to have be colored the way it is shown in the image. My deadline is around December 28th-January 11th.
If this seems fair to you, please reply asap! I am can do either PayPal or cashapp but I am more comfortable with the latter.


Hello PM sent please check!

I just sent you a private message!

message sent !

Hi There,

I have PMed you regarding this. Please check it out.

Rocky Dash

Hello ,
I have Experience doing Characters and will also Provide you Unity or Ue4 Humanoid Rig Included .
Sent you DM!

Discord: Artist#6715

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