[Solved] Looking for tip for texturing (complex) trees

Hello, i know how to texture a normal mesh. but the mesh i’ve just made is pretty complex. it’s not super high poly, only 13k tris. but the tree has lot of (irregular) roots, and i canno’t manage to get good results with classic Smart UV, or sphere or whatever. so i was wondering if there were tips to do this. instead of going through the tiedous seaming thing. at this point i don’t even have to do the leaves, just the bark, with (lot of) roots

Don’t overthink. One cylinder with other cylinders as branches… :wink: one by one…

  1. You could use procedural textures? (No Uv’s required) *not good if yr animating though

  2. triplanar mapping?

3)Color vertex shading?

I also though of triplanar… good for stones, rocks for example, but a trees ??? I would make some seems and try some smart UV unwrap or even using lightmap pack and texture paint the trees with some ref images…!

As usual the OP has posted a very vague description of their problem.

I was merely suggesting options…

Good point :wink:

the cylinder method works fine. I’ll have to go through every root, and there are numerous, but it’s reasonably doable.i’m lucky i didn’t join up all the branches, and got them separated. Thanks.