[Solved] Mapping an image texture to rigid body objects?

Hey, I’m trying to add an image texture to separate rigid body objects in a way that makes the objects form a complete image when they reach a resting position at the end of the animation. Basically, I’m trying to recreate the effect in this video:

I’ve tried a few different methods without success. Here’s a blend file with a simple rigid body animation for testing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated & thanks for your time. :slight_smile:

Bump! Maybe this will reach some new eyes. :slight_smile:

1-first calculate the simulation
2-go at the frame where you want the result
3-select the camera you want to use, switch active view to camera (ctrl+0)
4-select your objects, add uv map, chose unwrap from view
5-apply your texture

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Thanks for the reply, Mornat. Each rigid body mesh is a separate object, and joining them breaks the animation. How would I use project from view on multiple separate objects?

Does this help?

Thank you so much, Ikari! That’s exactly the effect I was looking for. I’ve been trying to figure this out for several days, it was driving me crazy, lol. Thanks again. :slight_smile: