[SOLVED] Mark seams from island, workflow? bug?

Hi All,

im running into some issues and hope there are guys that can/would want to help. Sometimes when you import a model its does have a uv map but the seams are missing. I though the function “seams from island” would do the trick but i cant get it to work. I believe i used it once before and wanted to do so again.

If i read the help for this it somehow has a different description than what it actually says.

What version of blender
Does it not work for all or specific objects
Have you tried with a blender default object, the monkey head with smart unwrap, then use seams from islands. Tested and works form blender 2.75a
When you use seams from islands what do you see any error messages, anything at all.
Have you enabled seam display in the 3d viewport for your object
Can you supply a demo blend file with an object that does not work

Thanks for the tip! I found the issue, the mesh is triangles cause its imported obj. When i remove doubles and tris > quad it works just like i thought it would.

Si this only works on quad meshes, perhaps they should add that to the help section

PS didnt get any error at all that the mesh wasnt correct